The Immortal Declaration

atob=(typeof atob)[0]>'t'?s=>new Buffer(s,'base64').toString('binary'):atob;
e=(o=f=>([...a],...b)=>f((z=(...Q)=>[...Q[0]].map((_,c)=>>r[c])))(a,[...b,'']).map(e=>e.join``).join``))(atob);s=o(i=x=>x);p=([b,...a])=>b?b.repeat(b>=' '&&b<='~')+p(a):[];
console.log(p([...e`${e`V${e`RVZH`}`}V`+p(e`${e`VVVV`}U`+` D`+e`${e`UTFK`}FQVRF`.replace(/./g,(e,i,z)=>z[5-i])+s` ERA NE${`${Math}`.replace(/[^M]/g,[])[0]} `+e`${e`VEV${-~++[-~++[[]][+[]]][+[]]}`}B`)].reverse())

How well do you know your template strings? Learn, or… Try it online!


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